1. How long does it take to fit and drill a bowling ball?
Once we begin, between 45 minutes to an hour on average.

2. Why should I purchase a new bowling ball?
Whether you're a novice or an expert, a properly fitted bowling ball is essential if you want to bowl your best. A bowling ball that fits properly will actually feel lighter and be easier to throw. And it reduces the chance of hand pain or injury. A properly fitted bowling ball not only feels better, it will help you to be more accurate and help you to hook the bowling ball if that is your goal.

3. Why do bowling ball prices vary?
Bowling balls range in price from $150 to $250 (with drilling), depending on their purpose and quality. High performance balls are more expensive because they have high tech cores/ covers and are designed to have more hook potential.

4. Can you drill a ball that I bought somewhere else?
Yes, we drill balls that have been purchased online or elsewhere. Prices online tend to be more expensive than if you buy directly from your Bowling Pro Shop.

Disadvantages of Buying Your Ball Online:
  • 1. Warranty Issues
  • 2. Cost of Drilling Usually Higher

5. Why does my bowling ball not hook anymore?
There are many reasons why bowling balls stop hooking. If your ball is not hooking it might need to be cleaned, sanded with an Abralon pad or have the oil removed with a Detox Machine. It might also need to be fully resurfaced. One (or a combination) of these techniques will probably bring your bowling ball back to life. If your ball is very old you may need to purchase a new ball from your local Bowling Pro Shop. Most react resin bowling balls last ~200 games.
Read more about this service.

6. Should I clean my bowling ball every time I bowl?
YES! It is very important to clean your bowling ball after each bowling session. You want to use high quality bowling ball cleaner, that is designed specifically for bowling balls, and disposable paper towel(s) to clean your ball. This will maximize the life of your bowling ball.

7. What does the new USBC rule mean to me?
All balance holes must be plugged by August 1st 2020.
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